Dr Mark Smith, Chief Science Officer

Mark is a co-founder of ThioLogics. He has a proven record of success in both industry and academia with over 40 patents and peer-reviewed articles to his name. As a group leader at Solexa (now Illumina) he successfully led key research into both fluorescently-labelled nucleotide and surface science elements of the company’s highly successful array-based genome sequencing platform. As a senior scientist at Chirotech he played a key role in establishing a new business based on single enantiomer scaffolds for drug discovery, a contribution that helped lead to the receipt of the RSC Team Innovation Award. Mark is currently a Senior Research Fellow at UCL where he pursues interests in the development and application of bioconjugation techniques, chemical mutagenesis and biocatalysis. Previously, Mark has also held academic positions at the Scripps Research Institute, California and the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Vijay Chudasama, Technical Director

Vijay is a co-founder of ThioLogics and is currently a Lecturer at UCL. Vijay holds an MSci in Chemistry, which he obtained at UCL, and a PhD in the field of Chemical Biology, also obtained at UCL (in the group of Professor Stephen Caddick). Previously Vijay held positions in industry at Arrow Therapeutics, AstraZeneca and at a leading patent firm, J A Kemp.  Vijay has a proven record of success in academia with over 20 patents and peer-reviewed articles in less than 5 years of research.  Throughout his academic career, he was won multiple prestigious faculty, multi-faculty and national awards and scholarships, and has recently been highlighted by Scientific American to be one of 30 scientists, under 30 years old, across the world with excellent prospects in Science. He has also been highlighted by the Royal Society of Chemistry and Forbes magazine to be a future leader in Chemistry.

Dr Anne Lane, Executive Director

Anne has a PhD in medicine from UCL and an Executive MBA from Molson Business School, Montreal. After research at UCL and Harvard Medical School, Anne worked for RTP Pharma Inc in Montreal, out-licensing and preparing valuations of the company’s portfolio for public listing. Anne joined UCL ventures in 2000 and acted as consultant for the National Transfer Centre in the US. She is now executive Director of UCLB, acts as director and interim CEO on several of UCLB’s spinout companies, and oversees the company’s licensing activity. Anne is also a member of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) and is on the committee for the Intellectual Property Lawyers Organisation (TIPLO).